No More Excuses!

I’ll be posting some old stuff on here that I posted on my facebook, but that still rings true. So plan to see a ton of stuff pop up over the next couple of weeks…seeing as how I am on my way to have some fun, freedom and fulfillment in my life, starting tomorrow! 😀 So to start it off…my thoughts on excuses!

This is long…but I encourage you all to read this and read it carefully…

Excuses, we all have them. The key is…do they control our lives or do we control our lives.

We all have excuses for why we don’t do things…including chasing our dreams…time, money, family circumstances are just a few. However, I know these ones well.

“I don’t have enough time.”
“I don’t have enough money, things are too tight.”
“My family has things going on right now…this isn’t a good time.”

But my question to you is this…if you don’t have those things now, then is what you are doing working? What makes you think you will have them in a week, two weeks, 6 months or even the next year? We spend too much time focusing on the negative things in life, rather than the positive things or even our dreams and goals. We spend too much time dwelling in our own self-pity or our “woe is me” stuff.

Here’s the thing though…just like we all have excuses, we also all have choices!! Nice concept that thing “choices” is eh? So we can CHOOSE to let time keep us from getting what we deserve, what we want in life for ourselves and or our families. We can CHOOSE to focus on the negative stuff in life or we can CHOOSE to focus on the positives. Now does that mean you ignore the things that come up? No, of course not, it just means you don’t spend all your energy dwelling on it.

Don’t believe me? If you know me, you know that I have a lot on my plate. We have no time, no money and only Lord knows what our family circumstances are. If you don’t believe me, then we need to have a sit down talk and I’ll explain exactly what I mean. I, of all people, have more than enough reason to feel sorry for myself and focus on my self-pity, but I CHOOSE not to.

That’s the keyword. I CHOOSE to accept what I can’t change and change what I can! Which brings me to what this post is really about, what I choose.

I CHOOSE to make time to make my dreams happen!
I CHOOSE to not let money stop me from achieving my dreams and my family’s dreams come true!
I CHOOSE to not let my family’s circumstances stand between me and my family’s dreams!
I CHOOSE to not dwell on the negative, but focus on the positive!
I CHOOSE to accept what I can’t change and change what I can!
I CHOOSE to take life by the horns and own my life and this world!
I CHOOSE to stand out and not let other’s hold me back!
I CHOOSE to conquer my fears and grow as a person!
I CHOOSE to be the person I know I can be and the person I want my kids to be!
I CHOOSE to control MY life!
I CHOOSE to rock this world with change!

I WILL own MY life!! No more will anyone own it! No more will I bow down to anyone or any more negative thoughts!! I will deal with the blows as they come, shoot I may even cry, but then I WILL pick myself up and move on! I may stumble, I might even fall, but I will always…keep my eyes on my dreams and my goals and I will be forever grateful for what the Lord has given me and my family. For the chance to take back my life and to take back my family! I WILL push on!!

If I can do this! So can you!! Stop making excuses!! Stop holding yourself back!! Take back your life, when Opportunity knocks, answer it! Don’t let it slip by!! Make the CHOICE to change your life and stop making excuses for why you can’t!! Stop throwing yourself pity parties!! You want change! MAKE IT HAPPEN!! When you are presented with the opportunity…TAKE IT! Because nothing is going to change unless YOU make it happen! Life is too short to do nothing but dream and wish…take action! Take back YOUR LIFE!

So listen up, consider this your warning!! I CHOOSE to take this amazing opportunity that God has blessed us with and blow it out of the water! And either you are going with me or you best get out of my way! Because I have no intentions of slowing down, stopping or giving up! I am ALL IN! I WILL make my dreams and my family’s dreams come true! I will change this world!!






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