Vegas Day 1

What a day yesterday was!! I know they say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but I plan to blow up my Instagram feed and share here!! 😀

So my first day and my first time in Vegas and it was amazing. First I made two new friends, then we walked around and I got TONS of pictures, as if you couldn’t tell by my Instagram feed! LOL Then that night I went to the ultimate pool party!! A private, VIP Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel! There were performers, music on two different stages, delicious food and drinks and lots of fun to be had! Plus I made another new friend! Also evident by my Instagram Feed! 😀

Day two is here and, although I am tired and completely wiped from yesterday, I’m looking forward to what today has in store for me! More walking around, learning some new things from some amazing people, seeing an old friend and hopefully today I will get the chance to test my luck on the casino floor! There is still so much more I want to see and hopefully, before this trip is up, I will get to see it all!

Viva Las Vegas!!

Brightest Blessings!


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