Reclaiming My Dream…

This is long, but after the weekend I’ve had, I need to share. So grab something to drink and sit back and get comfortable, because what I’m about to share may very well touch your heart. Also it doesn’t matter if you believe in God, the Easter Bunny or nothing at all…because either way there is a plan for each of us, where it comes from doesn’t matter, but for me…it’s God and I will refer to him in this post, I just ask that you read beyond that and keep this in mind, that the plan for your life was set in motion years ago, just trust in that.

As children we have dreams, dreams of doing amazing things in the world. However as we get older we are taught that those “dreams” are either unrealistic, unattainable or that we should let them go because we must be responsible adults.

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I went through something that almost changed my life for the not so good, but instead changed it for the best. I still recall, when looking back, that day and the moment I heard a voice, which I could only attribute to being God. He said, “Not now…you have something very important to do in your life. You are needed, you will make a difference in this world.” I never forgot it, but I never understood why and up till now, I still didn’t.

I had some not so nice teachers between grades K-2, but my life changed after that with the help and blessings of my family and the new teachers that I encountered.

In 8th grade, we moved to Colorado and for those who knew me then and was in my class, would remember a specific writing assignment. It was “What do you want to be when you grew up and why?” I don’t remember all of what I wrote, but I do remember the important stuff. I wrote that I wanted to be a teacher, because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children, to show them that they are worthy of becoming whatever they want, to chase their dreams in life and to never allow anything to hold them back.

I wrote that paper with such passion and desire that I remember it moving my teacher at the time and shaking her up.

My Dream and my Plan didn’t change after high school, I went straight into college and began pursuing what I thought was my dream of being a teacher. I never had the chance to finish, because I chose to quit school. I felt lost, like I didn’t know what to do, where I belonged or where to go. Not long after I met a guy, we got married and had a baby. When I tried to go back to school to be a teacher, the requirements had change for a teaching degree. These changes would keep me from going any further towards what I thought was my dream.

Since then, life has continued to get in the way. I even changed my major to psychology, I thought if I couldn’t be a teacher, I could be a therapist and still make a difference. Well I finished my associate’s degree, but I had to give up school yet again. Because about this time, we discovered my daughter has disabilities, my 4 year old son has needed me more and with the amount of student loan debt I had occurred, I was forced to put off my dreams. I clearly didn’t have any more time on my hands to give or money for that matter.

So by this time two things happened…
1. I felt like I failed…that I had lost my chance at obtaining my dream, at this point I came to the conclusion that I would never get back to school.
2. I had heard how, it was nice to have dreams, but that it was time to set those aside and be a responsible adult, since I’m a parent now.

But this weekend all that changed.

You see, God brought something absolutely amazing and mind blowing into my heart and my life. At one time I knew that our dreams were gifts from God, but I had forgotten this. I mean…think about it…our dreams our gifts from God…He gives us these dreams, not so that we lose them or fail to reach them. He gives us these dreams because it’s HIS plan for us, because He expects us to reach them and bring them to life.

This weekend I realized that. You see I thought that because my plans I had made for my future, for my dreams, hadn’t worked out…I failed. But that’s not true. The plans I made didn’t work, because they weren’t God’s plan for me. I see that now and I see that God’s dream for me and my life is still very much real.

I also realized that my “dream” wasn’t to be a teacher or to be psychologist, it was to change the world. It was to make a difference in the lives of children and people everywhere. That was my REAL dream.

I also discovered the meaning of what God meant by how I was needed, how I was to make a difference in the world and I was very important. This is what He meant…my dream is what He meant.

The opportunity that God has brought into my life is the plan for me, it’s the path that He is taking me down to bring my dreams to life.

As far as those “excuses” I had, the ones where I thought I failed, where I was supposed to let my dreams go. Yeah well they were excuses, lies put into my head so that I would sub come to what society wanted me to do, not what HE wanted me to do. I don’t have to put my dreams aside to be a “responsible adult” because being a responsible adult, means following your dreams, it means being true to yourself, to God and His plan for you. It doesn’t mean being true to the world, to society, to the people around you who want you to give those dreams up.

You see I experienced something amazing this weekend, something so amazing that it rocked my soul and touched my heart. I can’t explain the feeling inside, expect the pure joy, relief, and gratitude of knowing that I still have that chance to make a difference in this world like God told me when I was a child.
Lots of things were said this weekend that rocked me from the inside out and has given me the hope, fire and passion that I thought I lost by “growing up”.
Someone said something this weekend that has set with me since I heard it…

Plans change, but decisions don’t.

Well that’s true…plans DO change, but decisions, our DREAMS don’t!

I thought my dream was to be a teacher or even a psychologist and maybe one day I will still be that person. However, my DREAM, my REAL dream was and is to change lives, to make a difference in this world, it was and is to make a difference in the lives of children and adults everywhere. That is my dream. That was MY dream that God gave ME. My dream never changed, I lost sight of it, but it never changed. By following this path that God has set me, I KNOW I can bring my dream’s to reality and in turn, change the lives of my family as well.


Plans change, decisions and dreams don’t!

Winning IS possible!” It’s just a choice we all have to make! We are all “winners” in this world, we just need to see it and we need to make the choice to be a winner! Because otherwise we wouldn’t be here!

I’m going to “stay on this train” that God has put me on and I’m going to FIGHT for my dreams, for my life!

Life isn’t easy, nothing in life is free. It takes hard work, but it’s the hard work that makes it great! If life was meant to be easy, we wouldn’t have the issues in life that we have, the thing is we just have to want it so bad, that we are willing to fight for it, to go after it and to never give up!

We are who we hang around…if you are taking advice from people who are unhappy, miserable, or broke…then you will be unhappy, miserable or broke. Stop doing it!! Make the decision to hang around people who are happy, who aren’t miserable and who aren’t broke…because folks…they are doing SOMETHING right!!

Own your DREAMS!!! God gave them to you for a reason, you haven’t lost them, they aren’t out of reach, you just have to decide that you want them bad enough and do it! A small sacrifice today, will make it worth it in the end. Stop making excuses for not going after them and re-evaluate your plan. We make our plans and we tend to forget the plan that was put in place for us.

I have no time, no money, I’m giving up things like, tv time, computer time, and even being home 24/7 to make my dreams come true, because in the end, I know it will be worth it! In the end, those dreams are worth fighting for and I know that God will take care of me and my family till and when I cross that finish line. My dreams aren’t dead, I had a passion for them once…I just needed to find that again. My fears…won’t stop me.

I will make a difference in this world, I will be a positive influence on children and adults everywhere, including my own family. My daughter will have a future, my son will have a future, my husband won’t work his life away, we will retire and we will be going into the world to touch the lives of others. Because I believe in MY dream! I believe in GOD and I trust Him in this path! I believe in MY path and MY journey!! It’s a process, but it will be my process. “It’s not going to be a perfect picture, but it WILL be a WORTH IT picture” when I’m done.

I know I will have ups and downs, it won’t be easy, it will be hard, but I’m ready for the fight. Because I’m WORTH it, my FAMILY is WORTH it, my FUTURE is WORTH it and my DREAMS are WORTH it.

The question is…
Are you WORTH it?
Is your family WORTH it?
Is your future WORTH it?
Are your dreams WORTH it?

If all that is true, then the most important question to answer is…

Is it all WORTH fighting for?

If you can answer yes to any of those…then don’t you think it’s time to do something about it? You only have one life to live…so live it!

It’s YOUR LIFE, it’s NOW or NEVER, and NEVER back down…cause you aren’t going to live forever…so do it now!


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