Pegasus, Unicorns and Dragons…oh MY!

So yesterday, my family and I did something that we haven’t done before. It was, to say the least, a bucket list item that my hubby and I have been wanting to do for years now…which is take the kids to the circus! Each year it’s come to town, we have never been able to go, because we could never afford to. But this year!! This year we were able to go! I got a great deal on tickets, we got up close to the front, which was amazing. It was our first time and we enjoyed it. The kids had a blast and well so did we. Now we can officially check off Circus with the family from our bucket list! Watching my kids eyes light up at everything that was going on, was well worth it. I, myself, felt like a little kid as well. It wasn’t just my kids first time, it was my first time too. It was an experience that we can all say that we have now done. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that my company has given me and many others. The little blue sign has opened up doorways for us and has given us a opportunities to do more as a family and make more memories together. I know that my kids will remember this weekend, as will my hubby and myself.



Here are some pictures from yesterday…be sure to hit my Instagram to see more! 😀

Brightest Blessings!


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