The time is here and now!

So many times we find ourselves thinking:

  • “Oh this is so hard.”
  • “I’ll never get there.”
  • “Why won’t this stop?”
  • “I can’t do this.”
  • “Things will never change.”
  • “Maybe when things get better.”

But what we don’t realize is that this:

  • Life is supposed to be hard, it’s what makes life worth living.
  • You will get there, but you won’t if you don’t even try.
  • Life doesn’t stop because we want it to, it stops because we make it. We choose to not focus on the negative, but instead the positive.
  • You CAN do this, but you are so caught up in what others think of yourself and what your own demons are saying, that you are missing the voice inside that says you can.
  • Things can and do change…but how and when is up to you.
  • Why are you waiting for things to get better? If they haven’t already, they won’t by simply wishing for them to do so.

You see, God doesn’t bring things into our lives, He doesn’t even put us here to just give up because things get tough. He put us here because He has a plan for us, those plans are the dreams that we have for our own lives. We get so caught up in the goals, that we forget what our dreams are. We get so caught up in the bad things happening in our lives, that we miss the good. We forget that we have choices in life: we can choose to be miserable or we can choose to do something about it. Sure it’s scary and it doesn’t make sense at times, shoot the answers may not even be as clear as we would like. We get so caught up in looking for what we think we need and what we believe is what we need, that we miss the very thing that is right there waiting for us.

We get focused on the cover of the book, rather then what’s inside it.

Our dreams are apart of us. We have the capability to do so much in our lives, but we need to believe that we can. We need to pull away from what the world around us is telling us and we need to stop listening to that part of our self that is discouraging us.

It can be scary, it can be frightening, but if we are to comfortable in our own lives, then we aren’t living to our greatest potential. Change can be hard, but its what lets us see ourselves for who we really are, it lets us see what we can really do.

Stop waiting for that ideal “right time” because it will never come. The “right time” is now, it’s here, it’s waiting for you to grab a hold of it and take off with it. Our lives won’t change over night, but it will slowly start to change. It may mean changing our thinking, changing our routines and even changing our friends and those around us. Those who truly care of us, will support us, those who don’t care, won’t support us. We need to surround ourselves with those who share our goals, our ideas, who share our desire to live life fully and our heart to want to make a change in the world.

But first and foremost…the change has to start with you! You can’t change the world, unless you are willing to change yourself, once you have done that, then the possibilities are endless for the what you can do for the world.

See yourself as worthy, see your dreams as important, see yourself as the powerful and capable person you can be. Believe that you can and you will!

Brightest Blessings!


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