When the soul lights the way…

This week has been anything but ordinary. I’ve had multiple opportunities to bless others by being a light for them. I’m sure it started well before Thursday, but for me, it started Thursday morning. The theme for my MOPs group this year is “Be You Bravely”, so in perfect definition of the phrase an idea was presented to allow other moms to step forward and tell their story and to be themselves bravely. We had two choices, we could either speak at a MOPs meeting or have our story posted on the website. I submitted my story and I chose to speak. However I wasn’t expecting to speak, at least not so soon, but nevertheless I did.

This week I was able to share my story on what it has been like for me, a mom of an Autistic child to live life on a daily bases, starting with where my journey on this road started and what has gotten me to where I am now. My story isn’t easy, it’s a rough road, but I had no idea that I would have touched so many lives that day. In fact today, Saturday, I was even being thanked by fellow MOPs moms for sharing my story. I was told what an inspiration I was and for those who couldn’t be there and had heard about my story, they even thanked me! I am truly humbled by the reactions and I thank God for giving me the chance to speak.

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting such an impact as that, but it was just that. I touched the hearts of many other moms who, come to find out, told me that they don’t feel so alone now. That meant a lot to me. I have been truly humbled by this experience.

Then today, oh my gosh today!! Well today I had two other opportunities to make an impact. One such opportunity had me giving a variety of items to a family standing on the corner near a store that I shop at on a regular bases, one of which would point them in the direction of a wonderful program. I didn’t do that for recognition, I did it because I was led to. The smiles on their faces, the looks of gratitude that someone would stop and help them…was all the payment I would ever need.

Then finally tonight I was able to share something amazing with a friend, to give them options in their lives that can allow them to do the things that they wanted to do. The change in the sound of her voice from the initial call to the end was all I needed to hear. No matter her choice and the path she chooses, I know that I at least made a difference in her life.

I share this, not for recognition, I share this because I want to stress how important it is for everyone to know what kind of impact you can make on the lives of others. How your soul can light the way for some one else who needs it. It’s not about my story I shared at MOPs or what I gave that family or what I said to my friend, all that is really meaningless. It’s about the outcome of those things, to hear and to see how it has touched the lives of those who needed it more then anything else is what makes it more important.

So many times we forget about others, especially when we are wrapped up in our own lives. But we need to remember that we are the ones that can light the way for those who need it most. Our souls can take a dark path and make it as bright as the sun, if we choose to do so. It’s not about what you get in return, its about what you give. You see, I have been thanked since Thursday for my story, but honestly…I’m the one that is thankful that I was able to touch the lives of those who needed it most. All the thank yous in the world, could never compare to hearing the words, “I don’t feel so alone now” or “I really needed to hear that”. All the thank yous in the world could never compare to the smiles you see on the faces of those who need the help the most and hearing the gratitude in their voices, a sincere tone is worth more then any dollar amount or award out there.

It’s these things that we forget about the most. So many times we decide that we will only do something nice for someone, if we get something in return, but we overlook the most important thing in the world…knowing that we, as an individual, made the difference in the lives of someone else.

So, with the holidays fast approaching, I want to encourage you all to reach out. Do something you wouldn’t normally do, help someone and not expect something in return. Because there is no greater joy in this world then watching the soul of another light up and shine as bright as the sun, because of the choice you made to be that beacon of hope for them. Don’t ask for anything, don’t make statements like, “Now that I did this, I’ll get something cool in return.” Just do it because you can, because you have the ability to do so, take pride in watching your gift unfold before you in the voice, the smile, the words of their heart and allow that to be enough to warm your soul in return and remember to thank God for the chance to be His hand in those situations, because in healing others, we can truly heal our selves. In giving happiness to others, we can truly be happy.

Make a change! Change the world! Be the best light that you can be and make a difference!! Because when we all do that, we are one step closer to being a better world!


Brightest Blessings!


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