Commitment, do you have it?

Are you fully committed to what you doing? Have you made that commitment? If not then why?

As you might have guessed the topic of the day is Commitment. Why? Because I saw an amazing video about it.

Here’s a little story. In high school I knew I wanted to go to college. My reasons for going were that I wanted to be a teacher, I wanted to be the first in my family to actually GO to college and because someone (a teacher actually) told me that I wouldn’t make it and therefore I had no business in college.

So…much to my protest, I started college right out of high school in 1997. I went, I worked hard and then life got in the way. My parents got divorced and my dad got remarried. I didn’t know what I wanted and where my life was going. So I took time off, but I always said I would go back. Well then I met my husband, got married, had a kid and in between all of that I went back to school off and on. I did this for 14 years folks and all that time I was determined to finish school and get my associates degree.

August 2011, I graduated and received my Associates in Science Degree. I had done it, despite all that I had to get there I did it!! Why? Because I had made a commitment to myself to do it and I kept it. It took me longer then it should have, yes. I had a lot of Adventures along the way to getting there, true. But I did it.

I would love to go back and eventually one day I will, but now my path is taking me somewhere else and my commitment is solely on that path.

My point I’m trying to get at right now is this: Make a commitment, keep it, don’t give up on it!! You might meet your goal quickly, you might meet it slowly, but what ever you do, keep your commitment to your goal!!! Don’t stop pushing forward, don’t give up!! It took me 14 years to get that goal accomplished…but I did it!!

If I can do it, you can too!! Don’t let others tell your dreams are unrealistic, ridiculous, not sensible. If your dreams are important enough to you, then keep your commitment to them and don’t stop going after them!! If you come across Adventures on your path, then keep going!!

You are worth it!! Your dreams are worth it!! Make your dreams realities!! Don’t stop pursuing your dreams because my friends, you only live once in this life, so make it the best you can!!

Brightest Blessings!


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