Promises = Trust

I don’t know why, but this subject is sitting on the forefront of my mind tonight. So I will take it as God knows someone needs to hear this.

Promises are important…they build trust. I make it my personal goal not to make promises that I can not 100% keep. Doing that and then failing to meet those promises breaks trust. My motto…don’t make promises you can’t keep.

In order to MAKE a promise you must be able to guarantee it will happen 100% and you can’t do that, especially if it involves someone else being a contributor. You can’t promise things that you have no control over, you can only promise things that you do have control over and even then..that doesn’t always work out. Because there is no guarantee in life, except life and death.

I make promises, but only promises I know without a doubt that I can keep. Like loving my kids, supporting them, working hard, being happy, living life to the fullest. I can promise to be a voice for my kids as long as God lets me. I can’t promise the world, because the world is not mine to give. I can’t promise others lots of money, because it’s not mine to earn. I can’t promise I’ll never hurt my husbands feelings, because I’m human. But I can promise to love him forever, because my heart is mine to give and my love is mine to give.

You don’t need to make promises to live a full life, you just need to live it!

Promises are important…they build trust. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and you won’t break the trust others have in you.

Brightest Blessings!


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