Assets: What are yours?


anything valuable or useful


a useful and desirable thing or quality:

As you can see assets, or even asset, is defined as a anything valuable and useful or as a useful, desirable thing or quality. So my question to you is…what are YOUR assets? What do you have to bring to the world to yourself? Because you are very much valuable and you need to see yourself as such. I say this because we tend to focus to much on what we do wrong, what’s going wrong in our lives, what we want or need, but we never see ourselves worthy of such things that we desire most for ourselves. When we can see how valuable we are, how useful we can be to ourselves and to those around us, then we can see how we can be those things to the world. We can make the changes we need in our lives, so that we can make the changes in the lives of others. Sometimes we get so hooked on the negative in our own life, that we forget about the positives, about what we have to offer. Sometimes we don’t even KNOW what we have to offer or we may wish we were a certain way. So listing our Assets is a great way to start “reprogramming” ourselves, because to make any change in our lives we have to see what it is we have about ourselves that is already pretty great. Once we start focusing on those things we can start working towards and making changes that we are so badly wanting for ourselves.

Now I’ve said it before, in order to get things we want in life, we have to make changes in our own selves. That means we learn a better way to think, we focus more on the positive things in life, control out thoughts and our words so that we do not attract unwanted negative things to us. All this comes down to the following:

Acknowledge: recognizing and acknowledging our self worth

Build: create and or building the assets we have or want, we can write these down if need be

Focus: we need to focus on the things we want for ourselves to remain on track

Attract: we need to attract what we want, by putting those positive assets in practice every day whether we want to do it or not; this means monitoring our thoughts, words and actions.

These four steps, I believe are essential to changing our own lives, which is what HAS to be done first, before we can hope to change the lives of others. I’m sure some can come up with more, but I think this encompasses a lot.

To figure out what our assets are, or even to figure out what it is we want for ourselves, then I recommend writing it down.

Make two columns, in the first one, try to write down things that you consider an asset, consider things that will help you achieve your goals and dreams in life. If you can’t do that or even if you aren’t able to write down many, then move on to step two.

In the second column write down what you want for yourself. For instance: positive thinking, confidenant, inspiring, able to work through any problem calmly and clearly, etc.

Write those down so that you can see what it is you want for yourself in your life. Then focus on them, think about them, figure out how you can take steps to making those become reality. If you are religious you may even try praying that God will manifest those assets in you, to help you in being the best person that you can be.

Afterwards I recommend taking steps like watching what you say, what you think, how you respond to someone or a situation. You can try self help audio books and pod casts. Do whatever you have to, in order to fill your life with as much positivity as you can. You might need to make goals for each, for instance you could write something like the following:

Positive thinking – I will work on my positive thinking by not reading or engaging in any negative posts, news, comments or debates. I will not accept excuses from myself for trying to engage in anything that is not for the greater good.
Writing something like this might help you focus better and give you a plan on how to accomplish building and maintaining this asset. It will mean avoiding those who might attack you verbally or online, it will mean not engaging in anything or with anyone who might be seeking to bait you into arguing, fighting or responding. It may mean deleting all your posts on your social media and only posting positive things.

This one is a big one for me, so I can share how I am doing this. I am not engaging in any arguments with others over politics, religion, or big issue topics. This is hard for me because I can be very strongly opinionated about some of these subjects, but it’s not for the greater good and it’s not going to be productive for me. I have also made it a rule to not allow any negative input, to be posted on my facebook. I’ve already made the declaration to my followers that, while I acknowledge and respect their opinions, if it is at all negative it will be deleted and it is not a reflection on them. I have so posted lots of positive things on my facebook and deleted negative stuff., anyone who is extremely negative in my life I have removed. I have chosen to look and be thankful for the things in life that I have been given, despite whatever Negative Gremlin comes my way.

The results? While I am still working on some of this stuff, I have noticed huge changes. I am more positive, more happy and positive things have happened in my life, I am able to get through the Adventures that come my way, a lot easier then I used too. These are all the results that I have been seeing in myself an in turn, without intentionally doing so, I have also seen my family become more happier and much more positive then before.

The more I do this, the more changes I make in my own self and thereby I am able to help others. Don’t forget that airplane example!!! You HAVE to put your oxygen mask on first before you can help others!! So you HAVE to make the changes in your OWN life first before you can make a difference in the world.

So I challenge you!! Acknowledge, Build, Focus and Attract!  Acknowledge your self worth, Build your assets, write down assets you want to have about yourself. Then figure out how to make them happen, don’t try to do them all at once, pick one or two to start off with first. Focus, on the things you want for yourself.  Remember you will be tempted to get off the train, but don’t!!  Attract, watch as you attract what it is you are seeking in your own life and watch as you find that you are worthy of happiness and fulfillment. Because you ARE worthy!! Think it and believe it!!


Brightest Blessings!



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