Faith: Do you have it?


confidence or trust in a person or thing:


Faith…do you have it? Sometimes in our lives we find ourselves facing things that can scare us, anger us, make us feel lonely or useless. When we are faced with problems they can look so much more bigger then they are or maybe they really are as big as we see them as, but either way we tend to start to feel defeated before the battle has even begun. We forget to have faith in ourselves and in our own abilities and skills to handle those battles.

You see, it’s ok to be scared when our problems look to big, but we need to remember to have faith in ourselves to be able to properly handle the situation. It is possible to be afraid and still have faith. I know it that when in the moment it can seem almost impossible to have faith in ourselves, but we have too. Whatever those problems are, no matter how big or how small, we each have the ability to push through it.

For some having faith isn’t so much a problem, as it is maintaining it during the process. We get easily discouraged and usually by the voices in our own head telling us that we don’t have what it takes. Those voices might be telling us that we are weak or that the problem we are facing is to difficult and that we should just give up. Those voices, whether from ourselves or from those around us are just voices. They don’t matter, what matters is what we know to be true. We each have a level of strength and courage that is far greater then any problem we will ever face. They key is that we remember that and that we remember to have faith in ourselves.

We need to have faith in who we are. We need to have faith in our own strength, our dreams, our abilities and our own power. If you are religious, then you will find that keeping that faith in God is even more important. We may feel defeated in the moment, we may break down and cry or scream, but so long as we keep our faith and we don’t give up, we will find that in the end that we can face anything with that may come against us.

Having faith in ourselves, is having confidence in ourselves, it’s trusting ourselves. It shows that we do accept that we are worthy of greater things in our lives. We each will face our own Adventures or problems, but only we alone can determined the outcome. It won’t be easy, it may last a long time, we may stumble and we may fall, but we have to force ourselves to get back on our feet. We have to keep pushing forward, we have to keep fighting because if we don’t, no one else will.

Only we determine the outcome of our lives, only we have control over our lives, no one has control over that. Sure someone could hurt us, betray us, attack us. We may have a problem the size of a door mouse and we may have one the size of Goliath, but no matter the size, we are the hero in our own story. We are David, the one who can bravely stand up, hold our head high and say, “You may hit me, you may hurt me, you may bring me stress, but you will not win this fight. I am worthy of great things, I am strong, I have dreams and I have the power to accomplish them! My life is my own to control, you hold no power over me!”

That is faith, it’s knowing who you are, having confidence in yourself, that you can face anything and come out stronger. You won’t be perfect at it all the time, but you don’t have to be. As you keep pushing you will find it will get little easier, but you will always have to continue to work at keeping your faith. You don’t have to win every battle to be victorious, you just have to be willing to look at it from a view that may require you to step back and walk away. Some battles will need you to fight, while others will require you to walk away, but only you know which ones those will be. Keep in mind that walking away from a battle, doesn’t mean you have given up. All it means is that you have chosen not to allow something or someone to have control over you, to detour you from your dreams or your goals. It means that you don’t allow negativity to enter your life, it means that you have realized that what has come before you is not going to help you reach your goal, only distract you. While other times it may be a road block that you must fight through, you must push through. Have faith in yourself, have faith in you, have faith in God, have faith in your dreams and be at peace within yourself. Remain focused on your dreams, on your goals and never loose sight of them.


Brightest Blessings!


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