Facing Fears, Breaking Limitations



1. a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

5. something that causes feelings of dread or apprehension; something a person is afraid of:

6. anticipation of the possibility that something unpleasant will occur:


1. a limiting condition; restrictive weakness; lack of capacity; inability or handicap:

I have to say that my week in Kentucky was amazing. It seemed to me that the theme for that week was overcoming fear, limitations and obstacles.

You see, we create fear, place limitations on ourselves and allow obstacles to stand in the way of reaching our goals in life. Tonight I want to touch on the Fear and Limitations we place on ourselves. The problem is that when we create these fears and place those limitations, we do it in such a way that we end up doing too good of a job at it. To the point that we tend to forget that we actually break through them.

We tend to allow these fears and limitations to control our lives and to become our truth. We solidify these false truths by continuing to believe that they are real and telling ourselves that we “can’t” do something. But what if we took the power away from them? What if, instead of those fears and limitations controlling us, we instead control them? After all we did create them ourselves, so it would stand to reason that if we create them ourselves, that we can then destroy their hold on our lives.

There are a number of ways we can do this really. We can start by turning away from any negative thought that might try to enter our lives and instead reach for and grab the positive in life. By taking away words like: “I can’t”, “I wish”, “If only” and many other negative words and phrases that we come up with, then we would find ourselves on the start of a better path.

Instead of those negative things, we should be saying things like: “I can”, “I will”, “When I”. These words are more empowering and full of positive things that we want to attract in our lives. Unfortunately, we don’t use them enough or we use them in the wrong way and we end up attracting the wrong things in our lives.

You might be saying that this is impossible, but I say it’s not. My week in Kentucky is proof of that.

You see, before my trip to Kentucky, before I started making changes in my life, I was very scared and frightened of heights. In fact I was so frightened, that I would freeze and ultimately break down into tears and cry. I would even avoid anything I could that would involve me being somewhere that didn’t have my feet planted on the ground.


Examples of this would be:


In high school I did a ropes course…I froze so bad, that I had to have my mom write me out of the ropes course and I had to take a failing grade for that assignment. I froze that bad.

There was another time when I went with my Youth group; we went to do some repelling, meaning scaling down the side of a cliff. The leaders of the group wanted us to take a test run on a boulder, which wasn’t that high off the ground. I tried it and I cried…they had to help me off of it and after that I sat out and watched everyone else.

So you can imagine had this been any other time, I would have either
A. sat out and watched everyone else do the ropes course
B. Tried it and cried like a baby.

That being said, I would most certainly not go down a zip line, the idea of falling, even in a control fall isn’t something high on a person’s bucket list, if they happen to be afraid of heights.

But this week…this week was different. You see, I had the chance to do a ropes course and zip line. I also knew that I had to do it, because it was my test, my challenge to see if I really had been making the changes that I had been telling people I had been making. I could have run and at one small brief moment I almost did…before I even left for Kentucky. Lol

However, instead, this week I faced my fear. I broke through a limitation that I had placed on myself for so long. I was one of the first ones up and without realizing what I was doing, I made my way straight to the big zip line. I almost backed out of it, but then I decided I was there…I had to do it, because if I didn’t do it at that moment, I wouldn’t want to do it later.

So I hooked my lines up to the wire, waited my turn, took a deep breath and went for it! I hit that net at the bottom and I felt a sense of accomplishment that I had never felt before. I actually faced my fear, I had done something that I never would have done in my entire life.

Now to top it off, I went again. Yep…I went back and I did it again. I had to, because at this moment in time I realized how amazingly fun it was and what I was missing out on for so long!!

Now my story isn’t the only story that came from that weekend. No you see there was another girl who also faced her fear that same day as me, on that same rope course and then later that weekend an amazing and inspiring leader faced his fear of snakes.

Coincidence that three people in one weekend faced their fears? I don’t think so.

Oh but it gets better! You see after I got home, I started my new Bible Study for that week and would you believe it? My Bible study was on fear and here is what it said…

“So our trinket this week is a passport – a sure sign that God might just ship us out of our comfort zone.”

“Abraham was asked to give up that which was most precious to him – his son. Moses, though he was shy, was pushed into the spotlight of public speaking. Joseph had his reputation torn to shreds and went to prison on false charges. David found himself face to face with a giant in a do-or-die situation. Daniel was conspired against by jealous peers and wound up being thrown to the lions.”

“We may all agree that with God, all things are possible, but which of us wants to volunteer to do the impossible? If we give our life into God’s hands, before we know it, we might be standing in line at the passport office, updating our shots and enrolling in total Emerson language courses, bound for who knows where! What are you afraid God might ask you to give up? What are you afraid God might as you to do?”

Amazing how when we don’t realize it or see it, what we need is shown to us in such a way that when we stop and think back…we can see all the pieces fit perfectly together. Now I know I have faced one of my fears and I realize I still have another one to go and I will get it down. But the thing that makes me feel so amazing inside is that I was able to break through the fears that I created for myself and the limitations that I placed on my own self, that I realized if I could do that…then I can do anything.

Our fears can be of anything, fear of a certain animal, fear of being loved, accepted, fear of taking a leap of faith into something that we don’t see as the right path for us. Our limitations, well, when we tell ourselves we can’t do it because of what we think we know or feel or because of a disability or our current situation, then we are only hurting ourselves.

But the good news is that we put those fears and limitations there, so we can take them away. We just have to take a deep breath, break away from the negative, focus on the positive, tell ourselves that we CAN do something and that we WILL do something and sooner or later we will.

Our fears and our limits don’t have to hold us back, we don’t have to hold ourselves back, but we have to decide that we have had enough of being held back from the great things that we were meant to do in this life, in order for us to start working towards breaking through to the other side.

What’s holding you back? What fears and limitations are keeping you from being the best you, that you can be? What is keeping you from reaching your heights and your dreams?

You have to face your fears and remove your limitations, before you can reach new heights. So it’s time to face your fears and remove your limitations, because you have amazing heights you have yet to reach!

Brightest Blessings!





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