Overcoming Obstacles…



something that obstructs or hinders progress.
Tonight I want to touche on Obstacles. You see, we each face obstacles in our own lives, those obstacles can be anything. It can be a disability, view of self, a task, emotional, financial, mental, anything that can prevent us from getting where we want to be.

But it’s important to know that even though we must face obstacles on a daily bases, that they do not have to stop us, nor do they have to be a bad thing. Obstacles come into our lives, not to prevent us from doing something, but to help us do something. When we face an obstacle, it’s up to use to figure out how to get around it, through it, or over it. You see, it always leaves us with a choice: Do we give up and not try? Or do we decide to face it head on and push on till we can break through it? Either way it’s up to us.

When we make the choice to push forward and break through an obstacle, we make the decision to grow as a person. It is also a time when we discover our strengths and our true self.  However, when we choose to give up, we choose to say that we are not worthy of more or of a better life for ourselves. We may even find ourselves telling ourselves this over and over by our thoughts or words.

Obstacles can also be things that might pop up on our path to grow as a person. It maybe something that we decide to do, like to be a more positive person and let go of all negativity. So in this case, an obstacle can be a reoccurring test that we must face on a regular bases, for instance it might be a friend who comes to us about something horrible that someone else did to them or to us. It might be something that someone said or posted about us online that angers us. In that case we have two choices…we have a test. We can choose to give up, there by giving in to the negativity, or reacting and stirring up more trouble. Or we can chose to break through that obstacle and turning away from it, not allowing it in our lives and not allowing it to effect our emotions.

In regards to my trip to Kentucky and looking back on the Mega Caverns, I came across such an obstacle. I was crossing in one spot on the lower level of the rope course. It was low enough, that should I fall, I could literally stand. In this part of the course, there were (I believe) 6 ropes hanging down in a “U” formation. I had to cross them. I tried to do so and, well, I fell off and landed on the ground. This wasn’t a big deal really, I just sat there and waited for some help.

One of the employees who was working the rope course for that very reason came over to me. He helped me back up and proceeded to help me cross that part of the course. He held the rope to help keep me steady, which was great and honestly there is nothing wrong with a little help like that, we all need it at times. However, after getting to the third rope, he than proceeded to say to me, “If you want to cheat, I won’t tell anyone.”

My knee jerk reaction to him was, “No I will NOT cheat!! I am all in! I came this far and I will finish! Watch me!” and just as I finished that last word, I stepped onto the platform and off the ropes. I wasn’t mean about it, but I was determined and I felt great finishing it. He understand where I was coming from and was very supportive of my feelings on it.

I could have given up, I could have said, “Sure! Why not!” But I didn’t. I couldn’t. I had to keep going and I did.

I want to encourage you, though, as you come face to face with your obstacles to not just give up. Don’t accept defeat, find a way around it, through it or over it. Even if it means getting some help along the way. If you want to change and be a better person, then do it and don’t let anything coming into your life that might send you back on your previous life.

If you want to start a new business…then do it, don’t let others stop you, or that it’s to hard or that you don’t have the money stop you. No excuses!! With obstacles you can’t make excuses, in fact you have to leave those excuses behind, especially if you want any hope of ever truly breaking through the obstacles in your life.

Brightest Blessings!

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