Vegas Dreams!

A Night of Dreams…

In July 2014, I took my first trip to Las Vegas, I had never been there before and it was on my bucket list to one day go. So as soon as I got the chance to go, I was like a kid at Christmas, excited, giddy and amazed by what I saw around me. My first day I spent walking around the Strip seeing the sites and just enjoying my time. I have to admit it was really hot, but it was great. I got to see some of the fountains at Caesars Palace, I saw the Venetian, took a ride on their monorail and walked inside one of the shopping outlets where I saw some beautiful decorating. I got a picture with a Minion for my kids, they love those little guys! Everything was like I had imagined it to be!!




Of course the best part was that night, where I got to experience a Dream Night or as I call it, a “Night of Dreams.” I had purchased a ticket to a VIP Private Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel. The hotel had shut down the pools for a private pool party that was put on by my club. I met all sorts of people that night. I got to rub elbows with some pretty big people and made new friends all at the same time. The party alone consisted of:

Access to all the pools
Live Music at one pool and DJ music at another.
Two Drinks
Catered Dinner
Unlimited Appetizers

The pools were awesome, part of the pool was a beach type set up, you walked down into the water from the beach, but you were still on sand. The lights and sounds were like being in a major concert, it was great! There were even jugglers and other various entertainment walking around. I had never in my life seen anything like it or experienced anything like it before! The best part about the whole night was that my ticket purchase went to a charity that would help many around the world. Some of the projects that the charity works on are: building bottle schools, orphanages, providing clean drinking water, and building basketball courts here in the US. So I knew my money was well spent that night and looking back I have no regrets.

I remember looking up from time to time, looking at the people who were staring down at us, wondering what was going on. I’m sure it was quite the sight to see, really, especially since the energy was truly amazing. That experience alone, made my trip worth it. For the first time my life I felt like a VIP, like I was someone very important, not just some person on the street or some mom trying to do the best for her kids. I felt like I was someone, it was a top notch experience for me.

I always wanted to go to Las Vegas, to see it and experience it, but that weekend made my first trip far more exciting than I had ever thought imaginable. It was a weekend of firsts, a weekend of memories, it wasn’t just a “vacation”, it was more than that for me. I didn’t spend much to go that weekend, I didn’t spend much to stay that weekend and in fact the value was worth way more than what I spent. So for me it was an experience of a life time and it was worth every penny.

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