The Double Triple Threat

The Double Triple Threat

I had the amazing opportunity to meet a man named Troy and more recently, his buddy Jeff. When I heard their stories, knowing where they are now, I never would have thought that they were just like you and me.

I would like to start with Troy…he used to be an anesthesiologist and Troy will tell you he made great money. He had the house, the car, everything, the only problem, he had no time. He was always at work or on call, so he had no time for his family, no time to relax, no time to do anything. He was a guy with the money, but the money meant nothing to him, because he never had time to use it. He needed and wanted more time to spend with his family, because he knew he was missing out on amazing memories that he could be making with them.


Jeff was the total opposite of Troy. He was an insurance agent for 11 years and he was struggling financially. He said that he had bill collectors calling him, his dad had cancer and his house was in foreclosure. He even said that he was broke not just financially, but emotionally and mentally as well. Jeff said he was hurting in more than one way and the only place he was going was no where. So to say that he needed something was an understatement. Now you would think…if someone is hurting that bad, then making an investment into a company back when it was just getting started, probably doesn’t seem to make sense right? Well not to Jeff…he teamed up with Troy and both of them did what they had to do.


Both guys decided that it was worth taking a session in their lives, and finding the time and the money to do what they had for their family. Now both men are what I call, the “Double Triple Threat” of our company. They have hit the top level THREE, count that..1…2…3 times!! These two guys went from time broke and money broke to hitting the top rank within our company three times. They take trips all over the world, they make memories with their families and they are setting a pace and a path for everyone else out there who is wanting that same thing for themselves.

Neither made excuses, even though they had every excuse not to go forward with it…

No time to put in to the company
No money to invest in the company.
Bad timing with financially and health wise
New company,  no guarantees it would work.

They could have said no, but instead they said yes and now they are helping others to find that same time and money freedom that they, themselves found.

Do you need your time back? Are you broke: financially, emotionally, and mentally?
Are you motivated, passionate and desire driven for what you know you are lacking in your life? If so I invite you to see what has changed Troy and Jeff’s lives and the lives of many others!! Click Here for More information!

Brightest Blessings!


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