No Time Illness

I had the amazing opportunity to hear the story of one amazing woman. This woman is an inspiration to women like me, her name is Bethany.
Her story is simply this…at the time that she saw our company, she had no time. She worked as a part time nurse, owned her own Photography company full time and she was a single mom of a 2 year old. When she was first introduced to this company, she thought no way, but as she sat surrounded by bills she realized she needed something different. She said she remembered the packet of information she was given, realized that what she had was so simple, so easy, that she had to get in. For her it meant she had to carve out the time and she did it, even though she didn’t have it. She made the time where she could, because as she said there were no other options. She says she knew she didn’t want was something that required her to buy product and stock it up in her garage to sell, she wasn’t on board with that idea, but this was different. This gave her and her son a sort of freedom that she didn’t already have before.

Bethany was the only one in her area and she was forced to get up and get moving, she worked hard because she was one of those people who was determined to make it, if only for her son. She sacrificed some time with him, but now she gets to spend her time with him. I remember her telling a story about a time when she dropped her son off at daycare. She said that another mother critized her for doing meetings and always being away from her son. Bethany ended up asking her a few questions about how many hours she worked and for how long she planned to keep doing that. Her final response to the woman was: “Really, well here’s what I’m doing…see I’m giving a short time of my life right now, so that by the time my son’s in kindergarten, I’ll go on every school lunch, on every school field trip. When he turns 10 years old and he says, “Mom! I’m learning about the pyramids in school.” I’ll say son, let’s just hop on a plane and let’s go see them!

IMG_3807Bethany clearly didn’t let anyone keep her from her dream, her goals for her and her family and because of the choice she made 7 years ago, she has built something amazing for her son and even better is that she has her time back. She gets to spend her time with her son, making memories and doing things that most families don’t get to do. She had NO TIME, none!! Yet she managed to carve out time, because it was that important to her. She has also had to do a lot of work on her own, since at the time there was no one near her to help her.

Now, Bethany has reached the highest level in our company  and I have to say that I am so excited for her!! After hearing her talk and hearing her story, you know she deserves everything that she has worked so hard for. Congratulations Bethany!! You deserve this and THANK YOU for being such an inspiration to me and many other women like me!!

Do you want your time back?
Do you want those memories with your family?
Are you motivated, passionate and desire driven for what you know you are lacking in your life? If so I invite you to see what has changed Bethany’s life and the lives of many others!! Click Here for More information!


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