Successfully Unemployed

We have all heard Rags to Riches stories, but here’s one for you. His name is Michael and you want to talk rags to riches, man this guy has THE story!!

When I heard his story I was amazed to see what someone with such faith could do to his life. Before Michael was introduced to this company, he was living on unemployment. He was living at home with his mom, while his wife and newborn daughter was living with his sister-in-law. Michael said that he was laid off from his construction company right before he was introduced to what our company had to offer.

Once he saw the information, he knew he had to get in somehow. He said he didn’t have the money, but made the decision to go forward with it anyways. He worked hard every day, he didn’t give up when he could have and he kept pushing through no matter what. Now Michael is living a life he never thought he would have, he has paved the way for him and his family and he has turned his previous life into something inspirational.

To say that Michael had NO MONEY and was BROKE was more than an understatement, but he didn’t let that stop him. He knew things had to change and he knew the only way that it would happen is if he made the choice to do so. Thanks to that decision Michael is no longer money broke or broke period…he is a testament that dreams do come true, if you have the passion, drive and determination to chase them!

Are you broke or feeling broke?
Are you motivated, passionate and desire driven for what you know you are lacking in your life? Do you have the courage to make the decision and the faith to follow through with that decision? If so I invite you to see what has changed Michael’s life and the lives of many others!! Click Here for More information!


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