Kansas City Rocking!

I can’t explain the amazing feeling you get when you are surrounded by 15,000 people, what I can say is that it was beyond exciting!!


On April 16th, I took a road trip to Kansas City, Missouri, from Denver Colorado. It was an 8 and half hour trip, there and so well worth it! While there I got to hang out with 15,000 friends, it was like one giant family reunion! I met people from all over, Zimbabwe, Greece, Singapore, Hong Kong, just about everywhere!! It was an exciting trip and of course I spent it with some amazing friends, which made it all the more better. The great thing about the trip was that I got to see Kansas City Missouri, where as before I usually just drove through on the road trips my family and I took as a child.




As I said I was there to spend it with my friends, I made new friends and watched as people from all over the world came together at the Sprint Center. Now I’ve been to concerts before, but never had I seen such a huge crowd like the one I saw that weekend. On Friday I got to have lunch with some good friends, in what is called the Power and Light District. It’s a pretty neat area honestly, there are bars and restaurants all in this one little area and there is also an open area where there is a stage. My friend Trish and I and these two wonderful and polite gentlemen were from Singapore! They were an absolute delight to talk to and you could tell that they were very excited to be there!




On Saturday I spent the day with some of my good friends and met more people. That night I got to go out and enjoy some Kansas City BBQ at Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. It took us 45 minutes to get in and sit down, that place was hopping and apparently it was supposed to be the best place for BBQ. I got their ribs plate and their half rack was much bigger than I expected, very filling and very good. I think there ended up being like 13 of us in our dinner party that night, but it was worth it. We got to hang out with some people from Florida (my home state 😉 ) and Texas, my friend’s home state. When it was said and done, we all got a picture and called it good for the night. One thing is for sure I can now say that I tried some good old Kansas City BBQ!




Sunday was the bitter sweat day, everything was coming to a close and that was ok, but it wasn’t over yet!! Not even close!! We got some amazing juicy secret surprises that are coming this year. I’m so excited I can hardly wait! We even got to see a Dragon Dance performed! It was totally awesome! Afterwards, I joined my friends back at their hotel and for free drinks and appetizers in the Executive Lounge. That was a totally cool, by the way! All I had to do was tip and that was fine by me, the view was beautiful and the drink was delicious!! Afterwards we all got dressed and headed back down to the Power and Light District, apparently this places closes down to traffic at some point in the day. However that night, they closed it down for us…all of us actually!! We got a DJ and a chance to hit all the bars up and everything!! It was so nice of the DJ to play some music that reminded me of my high school days.


All in all the trip was a blast, great friends, new friends, lots of fun, surprises that we got to experience, great food, awesome beats…it was for certain a great trip. The only down part…was it was time for it to come to an end. But as they say, all good things must come to an end…or do they? 😉


If you think this trip sounded fun, you should see some of the amazing trips that we get the privilege to experience!
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Brightest Blessings!


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