Grant Yourself Permission


authorization granted to do something; formal consent:

IMG_0967Every day as we go out into the world, we voluntarily give people around us control over our lives. We allow them the right to decide to grant us permission to either: be happy, find another job, go somewhere fun, or make a change in our lives.

Now while, this is key for certain ages and in certain circumstances, a majority of the time we freely continue to give up that right to other people to decide for us. So I ask you, why should someone else get to decide whether or not we can have permission to follow our dreams, to be happy, to live fulfilling lives? Why do we need their permission to do so? Why not just decide that’s what we want and do it? Even better is why do we give others permission to make us unhappy, but we don’t give ourselves permission to make ourselves happy?

This may come in the way of just about anything from jobs to personal relationships. I’m reminded of a quote that goes, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” (Princess Diaries 2001)

This quote is so true…no one can make you feel stressed or unhappy without you giving them permission and yet we do!! We wait for others to say that we can start to make changes in our own lives for the better, to start being happy, to start living! But we never give ourselves permission to do just that! We allow others to have control over us, to decide if we are worthy enough or not to be happy, to live and to experience fulfillment. We wait for them to give us permission, like we need their permission to do any of that!

The only person we need to get permission from is ourselves. We need to stop waiting for others to give us what we want and start allowing ourselves to take back control of our lives and to start making those decisions.

Now don’t get me wrong, please. I’m not saying quit the job you are unhappy with now, before you have another one. No not at all!! Find another job you can take, but in the meantime, look for other options!! You can read a book, listen to audios, open your mind to other options that you can start now that will direct your focus on more positive things. Then when that new job comes along, you are already working towards a more positive goal in your life and you can continue to do so while working that job. Don’t wait for someone to say, “your hired!” before you start making changes in your life now. Don’t wait for someone to “pay you more” before you decide to follow your dreams. Do it NOW! Because you may not have tomorrow to do it in!

Do you have a dream? Don’t let people hold you back from it! If helping others is what you want, then chase it! You don’t need anyone’s permission to start a project or go to school or to search out ways that you can give back now. You just need to give yourself permission to do so. Don’t let others tell you that you won’t make it, it’s a waste of time, it’s a waste of money, it’s not realistic, etc. If your dream is important to you, than give yourself permission to go after it. The ones who tell you that you can’t are doing so because they aren’t strong enough to go after their own dreams. The ones, who tell you that you aren’t allowed, are the ones who won’t give themselves permission to do that pursue their goals and dreams and instead rely on the permission and approval of others.

Don’t listen to them! Find those who are doing it, find those who are making it work; find those whose desires far outweigh those who would be negative. Take back the control in your life, stop giving others permission to hold you back. Don’t listen to them or the thoughts that sound like them, give yourself permission to be you, to live, to be happy and to experience fulfillment!


1000’s of people are taking back control over their lives. They are granting themselves permission to be happy, to live and to have a fulfilling life. There is nothing special about these people, as they come from all walks of life, all kinds of circumstances. If you are ready to take back control and to start granting yourself permission to do just that, to be happy, to live life, to experience fulfillment, then I invite you to Click Here to see how you can do just that!!


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