It’s Moving Day!!!

Hey everyone, so yes, I have been gone for a while…BUT I’m happy to say that it’s MOVING DAY!!! That’s right I’m moving to my new site! I invite you all to join me over there, it’s a nice site and I will be posting there from now on. Now I’m still working out a few kinks here and there, but it is open for business. 😉

Don’t worry I have moved most of my posts from here, over there, so if you have shared or liked something on this site I assure you that you will find it there and if not, know that it’s on it’s way!! I have some new posts up as well, so be sure to go check them out!

I will leave this site up for a little longer, but don’t stay to attached, because I will be shutting it down once I have moved all my blogs over to the new site. Which reminds me!! You need the new site url!! Silly me!! Come on over and join me at:

I hope to see all you amazing people there and be sure to share my new blog out to everyone you meet!! Have a great and blessed day!


Brightest Blessing!!!


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