Welcome!! It’s nice to meet you, I’m Kelly

meAre your dreams sleeping? Are you struggling to find happiness, fulfillment and freedom from the daily stresses of living?  It’s time to reawaken our dreams, desires and find the happiness and fulfillment we truly want. Happiness isn’t based on how much money you have or your background.  Happiness is based on the little things like making memories with your family, enjoying each moment we are given here on Earth and by how much heart you have!

Prior to May 2014, my dreams were sleeping, I was struggling to find happiness, fulfillment and freedom from my daily stresses. I live in Colorado, beautiful Colorado, where I’ve been a stay at home mom for 12 years. At one point I was a student in college attempting to chase down my dreams, with no success.

The few people around me knew I was depressed, alone and very negative. I never had a nice thing to say, even though I tried. I stayed locked up at home and it seemed as though something was always going wrong in my life. For those who weren’t close to me, the only things they saw was the outer the view of my life. Those people thought I had everything; two beautiful kids, a loving and devoting husband, a beautiful house and a great marriage. Unfortunately though, the truth was: my husband worked 80 hours a week, he was always on the road and never home.

It was December 2012, things were getting really bad for us. We had no extra money, my husband had been in and out of work and it was becoming clear that he was starting to wear out from all the hours he had been working over the years. We needed me to work so that we could take some of the stress off my husband, however due to the needs of my daughter, that wasn’t going to happen. The stress of needing me to work and caring for my daughter was getting so bad, that my husband was ready to end our marriage. So I started doing two things: Praying to God and looking for work from home.


The Faithless Leap…


DSCF1175I made what I call, a Faithless Leap, in September 2013 after a friend showed me a concept she had found. I refused to make a decision without my husband and I was certain he would say no. However, because I asked God for a sign, my husband said yes. He even went so far as to pull money from his retirement account to get me going and we made the leap on a Monday.

However a few months later, when my daughter ended up back in the hospital, I easily pushed it aside. It was easy to do, since I had taken a faithless leap to start with, meaning I had no faith in it or God.

A few months later I kept hearing the same things over and over again from my daughter’s new therapist, our advocate, my therapist and people I was meeting on this path I was put on. They all said the same things: I had to take care of myself, if I had any intentions of taking care of my family. So with some time and refocusing that’s exactly what I did.


The Faithless becomes the Faithful…

IMG_3196May 2014: I realized that I needed to change myself, to get focused and take a step back to see what it was that I really wanted. It became clear that God had answered all my prayers and I was grateful. He didn’t give me the “job” that I wanted, because He knew it wouldn’t work for my family. Instead He gave me what my family and I needed, a gift and it was time I stopped wasting it. I started reading books, digging my heals in and paying close attention to my daughter’s needs. When I did that, things started to change for us.

In July, I went to Las Vegas for the first time and it changed my life for the better. My experiences while in Vegas, shaped my life moving forward. I made new friends, I got to experienced life the way it was meant to be lived and I started to realize that I was right where I needed to be. When I came home, things just kept getting better. A unexpected check came in the mail, my daughter was making more progress and that fall we ended up doing way more than we had in the past. We even did a family first…we went to our first Circus, something that none of us had been to before.

We were happier and my family was healing. I was no longer faithless, but faithful and my family went from broken to whole.



IMG_0488Today things are much different, I’m way more positive than I used to be. People I know, people close to me have noticed my change. I’ve been called an inspiration by some who are friends of mine and I’m working hard to make my life better. My family has gone from broken to whole and though we still have our “adventures” from time to time, we are on our way to amazing things.

Some ask me, “How much money are you making?

My answer to that is…“I haven’t reached that part of my journey yet, but it’s not about the money for me right now. It’s about the healing for myself and my family. Money can’t do that, sure it can give me what my family needs financially and it will, but what we needed more was healing and that is priceless, that is worth more than any dollar amount in the world. For me, I had nothing to loose by saying yes and everything to loose by saying no.”

Now that my family is no longer broken and I’m more positive and mentally, emotionally and physically healthy, I am able to focus on the financial part of my journey. I will retire my husband, I will make sure that he is healthy and happy too. I will make sure my kids are going to be ok, because I have my faith in where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to do. I have my dreams back, my life has much less stress in it and my family is no longer broken, but is whole and for that I am ever blessed and grateful!

I’ve been blessed to travel and do things I’ve never done before. I’ve been blessed to help others all over the world, whether directly or indirectly. It’s my passion, my dreams and my Business. Isn’t it a great feeling to know that your business can be your passion and that you can still make your dreams reality?

I’m blessed to be able to be a mom, a wife, a friend and to have a business that I can work around my families needs, to have such an amazing gift given to me and all I had to do was open my eyes to see what was right in front of me the whole time!!

Thank you so much for stopping by, for taking the time to read my story and to hear more about me and my family! I hope that I can help you find the same happiness and freedom in your lives too!


Brightest Blessings!